Saturday, June 18, 2011


My name is Eddie Maynard a descendant of many families from Monroe County, Tennessee.  Finding out about my family history and genealogy, researching has now become a hobby (and yes, I use that term lightly).  I,  by no means, consider myself a genealogist but a researcher about my family.  You may email me at rem5393 at aol dot com.

This blog is to document and to share with others the family history of the Maynard, Bivens, White, McLemore, Henry, Barnett, and Millsaps families.  With the research help of family and friends, we have been able to prove and document these families through many generations not just in Monroe County, Tennessee but even before they brought their families here. 

I am also using this blog to document information of the Soak community of Vonore/Madisonville before TVA built the Tellico Dam that encompassed that community.  The Soak Community will never be the same as before the dam and I am trying to gather as much information on the area that I can.

Oh, by the way, I have been told by my cousin,Colleen Murphy Paggi from California, that I do not have a family tree....mine makes a WREATH  because it goes around and around and around.  She learned about family wreaths while attending a genealogy conference last August 2010 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The above picture is a view of the Tellico Lake from Fort Loudoun in Vonore, Tennessee that my friend Whitney Smithers photographed while we were attending a reenactment at the Fort in 2007.  We shared the day with my cousin Gwen Bivens Holloway and two of her grandchildren at the Sequoah Museum and the Fort.

                     ANCESTRY FOR EDDIE MAYNARD

  1. Parents, 2. Grandparents, 3. Great Grands, 4. GG Grands, 5. GGG Grands, 6. GGGG Grands

    1.  Ralph Tiller Maynard
         2.   Charles H. Maynard
                3.   Jackson Maynard
                    4.   Matilda Maynard
                3. Margaret Yates
                    4.   Samuel Yates
                    4.   Elizabeth Kinnaman
         2.   Sallie Ann McLemore
                3.  William McLemore
                    4.   William McLemore
                              5.   Archibald McLemore
                                  6.   John McLemore
                                  6.   Sarah Carnes
                              5.   Sarah Plumlee
                     4.   Rebecca Gentry
                              5.  Pleasant Gentry
                                   6.  Allen D. Gentry
                              5.  Jane Cottrell
                3.  Margaret White
                       4.   James B. White, Jr
                              5.   James B. White, Sr
                              5.   Elizabeth Ann Hicks
                        4.  Sarah Henry
                              5.  Fielding F. Henry
                              5.  Emeline Tucker
                                    6.  Henry Tucker
                                    6.  Sarah Meyers
    1.  Freida Gene Bivens
         2.   Jake Warren Bivens
                3.  Benjamin Franklin Bivens
                        4.  Joseph Pulliam Bivens
                               5.  James Bivens
                                     6.  Benjamin Bivens
                                     6.  Polly Carney
                               5.  Parthenia Turner
                        4.  Easter Burris
                3.  Millie Millsaps
                        4.  Ransome Millsaps
                               5.   Andrew Millsaps
                                      6.  Jesse Millsaps
                                      6.  Mary Hyder
                        4.  Julianne Katherine Johnson
          2.  Esther Theodoshia White
                3.  William Charles White
                        4.  Allen Newton White
                               5.  James B. White, Sr
                               5.  Elizabeth Ann Hicks
                        4.  Easter Rebecca Barnett
                               5.  William Barnett
                                      6.  Michael Barnett
                                      6.  Dina Campbell
                               5.  Elizabeth Louisa Treadway
                  3.  Rebecca Jane Henry
                         4.  Fielding F. Henry
                         4.  Emeline Tucker
                               5.   Henry Tucker
                               5.   Sarah Meyers



  1. Congratulations on your new blog Eddie. It looks great and I'm really looking forward to reading your posts about family, and the Soak community, etc.

  2. This is great Eddie, Congratulations! I am also looking forward to reading your posts and I feel certain it will help me better understand our Maynard connection and the families involved. Thanks for your hard work. By the way, Whitney's photograph is beautiful. LY

  3. I am also a descendant of Fielding Henry! I was so excited to find this page! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like we are cousins. I am descended from Mary Gentry daughter of Pleasant. I hope you decide to blog again.